Production facilities are located on 70 000 sq. m. of which 33 000 sq. m. are indoor facilities.

Metal” PLC uses the latest installations by FRECH for die casting of Mg, Al, and Zc-Al alloys, which ensures high quality and efficiency. The perfect outer look of the products is guaranteed by high-class sanding and polishing machines by leading Bulgarian companies.

“Metal” PLC uses the latest generation GIULIANI machines for the production and assembly of safety locks, broaching and cutting of keys. The company utilizes completely automated key cutting systems by leading Bulgarian producers. We also offer BDS and DIN locks in all sizes and types – single, double, knob, and RIM locks and padlocks with a high level of security.

“Metal” PLC uses on-premise galvanization installation for ZAMAC and steel – zinc, satin, nickel, or polished brass and a powder coating installation.

The Press sector uses 25 to 160 tone presses with high-precision feeders guaranteeing accurate punching. The company also has a specially designated brass stamping sector with 400 and 600 tone presses.

Our produce, meets all BDS, BDS EN, BDS ISO, and DIN standards. The conformity to these requirements is guaranteed and confirmed by our own laboratory for in-house testing.

he company is also ISO 9001 certified.

We strive to give our clients quality, loyalty, and reliability, based on mutual trust and interest. Steady growth of quality, product range, and employee qualification are the goals we set before us.