Допълнителна с RIM ключалка

Additional with RIM cylinder


  • Complies with class 2 according to EN 12209.
  • Deadbolt thrown 22mm. after of double turn with knob.
  • Body, knob and strike made of Zn Al Cu alloy. Finished: polymer, black nickel, copper.
  • Deadbolt made of Zn Al Cu alloy. Finished: Nickel.
  • Compensation pads for strike to rabbet doors.
  • The set include two types of strike, depending on the type of opening the door (outside or inside of the room).
  • The set include RIM cylinder with 5 keys.
    – 101573 – Series “2x6J.
    – 101574 – Series “x6J”.
    – 101575 – Series “x6V”.

Product Description


The lock is designed for rabbet and without rabbet entrance doors. Use in combination with another lock with handles.


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