Security cylinder “2x6J” with the possibility of recode



  • The security cylinder has six locking pins and dimple key with two rows.
  • The design and profile key are protected, improving the protection of the cylinder from external penetration by a tool.
  • 2x6J is trademark.
  • Complies with the class 5 by EN 1303.
  • Increased safety anti-drilling, guaranteed by built-in hardened steel pins in the housing and rotors.
  • Protection anti- bumping, provided by stopper pins.
  • Additional upper pins to increase the security of the locking and the number of possibilities security combinations.
  • The housing and rotors is made of brass with nickel or satin finish.
  • Six locking pins.
  • The springs for locking pins are made of bronze wire.
  • The CAM is made sintered steel standard BDS or DIN R15.
  • Five keys are made of cupronickel – key with engraved “M” – 1 pc. , keys with engraved “K” – 4 pcs.
  • Fixing steel screw M5x55, zinc plated.



  • The cylinder can be manufactured with unlimited quantity keys.
  • Cylinders with other lengths than those specified in the tables and with quantity of keys requested by the customer.

Product Description


The security cylinder is designed for mounting to door locks on entrance, interior and service premises.



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