СЕКРЕТНИ 5 ЩИФТОВИ - стандартни

Cylinder five pins with sawn key


  • Cylinder is made of euro profile brass material.
  • 62 782 locking combinations.
  • Complies with the class A by EN 1303.
  • Body and rotors: Nickel plated (H) or Brass (Б).
  • The knob is made of Zn-Al-Cu alloy, nickel plated.
  • Five locking pins per side (Four locking pins for side with length 26 mm.).
  • Locking CAM is made of metal ceramic according to BDS 6977-8A or to DIN 18252.
  • Three keys. Nickel plated.
  • Fixing steel screw M5x55.


  • Additional cylinder can be manufactured by sample key.
  • Unlimited number of keys can be manufactured by the cylinder
  • Manufacture cylinders with different lengths from those indicated in the table.
  • Manufacture symmetrical and asymmetrical cylinder with knob with different length.

Product Description


The cylinder is designed for mounting in locks for entrance, interior and premises doors.


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