2x7j уякчен_s

Security cylinder “2x7J” strengthened housing


  • The cylinder have seven locking pins points with reversible dimple key.
  • “2x7J” and “Metalguard” are registered trademark.
  • The key design and key profile are protected.
  • Complies with the class 5 by EN 1303.
  • 3 538 800 locking combinations.
  • Anti-pick protection.
  • Anti-drill protection.
  • Anti-bump protection.
  • Protection against breakage of the housing in the area of the fastening screw
  • The cylinder housing and rotor are made of brass, satin (E) plated.
  • Main row have 7 locking pins.
  • Additional row of  7 locking pins, increasing the security of the cylinder and the number of possible locking combinations.
  • Pins anti-drilling is made of hardened steel and they are in the housing and rotor of cylinder.
  • The CAM is made of sintered steel according to BDS 6977-84 or to DIN 18252.
  • Four keys made of cupronickel.
  • Fixing steel screw M5x55.



  • Additional cylinders  can be manufactured by sample key.
  • A cylinder can be manufactured with unlimited number of keys.
  • The cylinder can be manufactured with length different from those indicated in the  table and with a quantity of keys, which is the customer wants.

Product Description


Cylinder is designed to mounting in a lock for entrance doors.


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